Ready to experience a breakthrough in just 60 minutes?

"I support entrepreneurs and small business owners starting their self-awareness journey. They often face challenges like managing emotions, sometimes physical ailments, definitely us overthinkers, and those seeking a higher purpose. I provide individualized personal wellness plans, energy healing, and transformational mentoring to help achieve mental clarity, emotional balance, physical health, spiritual connection, financial stability, and social harmony. My goal is to empower others to live with vitality, purpose, and joy."

Through the integration of powerful Energy Techniques and personalized guidance, Tra Urban will empower you to overcome limitations, gain clarity, and step into a life of purpose and fulfillment.

 What's Included:

Personalized Coaching: Receive personalized guidance tailored to your specific needs and goals. Tra will work closely with you to identify blocks, challenges, and opportunities for growth.

Energy Techniques: Experience the transformative power of Energy Techniques as Tra guides you through techniques to rewire limiting beliefs, boost confidence, and shift your mindset for success.

Clarity and Visioning: Gain clarity on your goals, aspirations, and the steps needed to achieve them. Tra will help you tap into your inner wisdom and vision for the future.

Actionable Strategies: Walk away with actionable strategies and tools to implement immediate positive changes in your life. From mindset shifts to practical action steps, Tra provides you with the resources you need to create lasting transformation.

Empowerment and Motivation: Feel empowered and motivated to take charge of your life and pursue your dreams with confidence and clarity. Tra's mentoring session will leave you inspired and ready to embrace new opportunities.

King Deron Outlaw

Thanks for everything, already feeling an amazing shift!

Nanette M.

I am very pleased with Trá's work. Not only does she explain things fully so I understand but she is so compassionate and you can see and feel the passion she has for her work.


You have helped me in so many ways with my healing process and I couldn't thank you more.

Melissa H.

Hello, my experience with Trá was positive and her energy is amazing. I meet her when I moved into a new home. She helped me with her knowledge and showed me how to set intentions. I'm forever grateful for her kindness & wisdom.

How I'll Help You in 60 Minutes:

  • Identify Blocks: We'll start by identifying any limiting beliefs or mental blocks that may be holding you back from achieving your goals.

  • Energy Techniques: Utilizing powerful Energy techniques, we'll reset negative thought patterns, boost confidence, and align your mindset with your goals.

  • Goal Setting: Gain clarity on your goals and aspirations, and create a roadmap for achieving them.

  • Action Plan: Develop an actionable plan with practical steps to implement immediate changes in your life.

  • Motivation: Feel motivated and inspired to take bold action towards your dreams, knowing that you have the support and guidance of Tra Urban every step of the way.