Known as Your Energy Alchemista, TRA URBAN
is an internationally acclaimed healer, #1 Best Selling Author in 13 countries, and teacher, empowering individuals to tap into their infinite potential for well-being and abundance. Her journey from paralysis to purpose serves as an inspiration to many on the path of personal transformation!

Health-a-Pedia: An initiative that revolves around the Six Pillars of Human Existence: Spiritual, Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social, and Financial- forging a path to create and establish a philosophy and dedication to enhance your energy, vitality, and longevity. Take this journey along with 40 other expert healers to acquire the knowledge, skills, and expertise for your personal wholeness, wellness, and abundance, lifting you to your own Epiphany of: “Health isn’t something you do, It’s what you become along life’s journey.”

Are you someone who feels drained or overwhelmed by the energy around you?
Do you struggle to set healthy boundaries or manage your emotions?

With this Energy & Me course I can help. In this course, you'll learn practical techniques to better understand and manage your own energy, so you can protect yourself from feeling depleted and overwhelmed. 

Let Me Help move YOU into Your Joy!

Ready to experience the benefits of Indigenous healing?

Book your session today and take the first step towards unlocking your body's natural healing powers.

Indigenous Energy Session

Unlock Your Potential with a Mentoring Sessions
with Trá

Are you ready to tap into your fullest potential and achieve remarkable success, even against all odds?

Trá, a Highly Intuitive with a powerful life story, is here to offer you personalized mentoring guidance sessions that draw upon her life skills and unique journey.

Are YOU wanting
a little Hand Holding
with Digably?

Unlock the Abundance of Clients and Cash Flow in Your Life with this Powerful Product.

30 Minutes to get the Answers You Need to produce Amazing Funnels and Landing Pages.

Discover the Secrets to Creating a Better Understanding of Your Business and Attracting Your Ideal Clients.
With My Expert Guidance You'll Be Able to Supercharge Your Success and Achieve Your Goals in Record Time.

Whether you're looking to make a career transition, launch your own business, or take your existing business to the next level, Empower Hour is the perfect opportunity to gain the knowledge, skills, and support you need to succeed.

Designed to help YOU unleash your full potential and achieve unparalleled success in your personal and professional life!

This time may contain a variation of intuitive information,teaching, training or coaching.

I assist You by tapping into the wisdom that lies within Yourself to help you gain clarity on your forward motion.

This time is sacred, very individualized and incredibly spiritual.

These sessions are just like meeting with a trusted advisor, friend or pastor.

Mastery Course

The Science of Getting Rich holds within its pages the secret to how anyone, no matter their circumstances, can achieve a rich and happy life.
By closely adhering to the principles outlined in this best-selling classic, we can finally ensure our own success, wealth, and happiness without feeling the need to compete with anyone or anything.
We become creators by aligning ourselves with natural laws and working as one with the "Universal Mind." 

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"The Secret Of Pitching"
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